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We are very fortunate to be involved in a business that allows us to spend time with family as we work. We’re two generations farming on land purchased by three generations. Our family appreciates the opportunity to care for this land and our animals, and we’d like the next generations to have the same opportunity. By taking care of our environment, we improve the chances of agriculture continuing in our beautiful country.

You’ll find us balancing responsibilities on and off the farm throughout our community. Jim has been raising sheep since he was a Michigan 4-H’er at the age of ten.

Jim and Sherrie are active members of the Michigan Sheep Producers Association and Michigan Farm Bureau. Jim is a board member of Mid-States Wool Growers Cooperative Association, which strives to be on the cutting edge of sheep-producer service. Sherrie does more than care for animals – she also works full-time as a Registered Nurse. As a “right-hand man” on the farm, she works tirelessly to tend to the animals, help harvest the crops and develop lamb recipes.

Their daughter Elaine returned to the farm in 2015, and in 2019, their farm grew by one when she married Rick Palm. Together, they’re working hard off the farm and on the farm to achieve goals for continued farm business successes.