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Improving soil quality

Part of owning a business is evaluating effectiveness of business practices. We look at all kinds of data on the farm, from sheep productivity numbers to expense/income reports, and even soil sample data. Our earth is our greatest asset, and we need to be responsible in taking care of the resources that we manage.

soil sampling

Collecting soil samples with a probe helps us analyze when, where and how to apply nutrients to land to keep the land, plants and animals healthy.

Sheep leave behind nutrients to build robust soil.
Great soils support plant growth.
Healthy plants make happy sheep.

When our sheep live on pastures all year, their manure is naturally applied to the soil every day. And when we feed lambs in or near the barn seasonally, we schedule time to clean manure out and manually spread it over pastures and hayfields to keep building healthy soils.

sheep manure

sheep manure