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Seven things I love about farm kids

The other night I took my neighbor (he’s a kindergartener) to his hockey practice. I learned a lot in a one-hour car ride to practice, and during the one hour home. There were seven standout lessons from this farm boy:

  1. Navigational skills are essential: I kept being asked, “Are we close to our destination?” Once I made a final turn, he was able to navigate me the final six miles.
  2. Be goal-driven: When it’s time to build a toy contraption, one cannot be bothered with things like 1) bathing and 2) bedtime without a meltdown. Neighbor, learning from kids
  3. Be conscientious of others’ needs: “Santa is allergic to kittens.” We also talked about me being allergic to cinnamon and I was asked the classic question, “Why?” Followed by his own quick explanation, “Because God made you that way?” Which leads me to:
  4. Stay true to core values: “Do you EVER go to church?” As neighbors, he must see my car in the driveway when his family goes to church. Later he asked me, “Do you even know any prayers?” For the record, God hears your prayers wherever you are.
  5. Responsibility is key: He made sure I knew the order he needed to put on his hockey gear and made absolutely sure that his safety equipment was explained.
  6. Understand the importance of mentoring at a young age: “I help my papa,” he told me about working with his grandpa to do farm chores.
  7. Family is everything: “You don’t even have a husband.” But he was satisfied in knowing that if I ever get married, he’ll receive an invitation.

What lessons have you learned from the kids in your life?

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